Intel launched the new class of devices Mobile Internet Device (MID) and it turns very important for the target consumers and business customers. The MIDs are to close the gap between on the one hand subnotebooks, PDA’s, and smart phones on the other hand, thus creating a more practical mobile Internet access.

Why were MIDS launched?

In the creation of the new device class, you went from the following disadvantages of the existing hardware: PDAs and smartphones have small screens; they cannot represent the entire optimum website. The smallest laptops weigh many customers still too much to carry around them constantly, the battery is consumed quickly, the Internet is one that often only via WLAN. There are also comparatively high cost.

What is a MID?

According to the trade press, MIDs must meet the following conditions: A much larger screen than the smartphone class must show 800-1024 pixels wide. It will show, for example, with videos and flash the pages of Web 2.0. The operating system can be used immediately after turning on and consumes no battery power by the stand-by mode. To transfer the techniques of third generation mobile phone can be used, so Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, better known as UMTS and High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), also known as 3.5G,3G + and UMTS Broadband known. The units are large enough; as the user interface is adapted to the lower input options. The minimum price 500 euro to be named, the maximum price should be less than € 1000. The new class of device is operated via a touch screen called – with the finger on the screen; the user can control the MIDs.

What is inside of MIDs?

The new MIDs include low-power processors and chipsets from Intel. The units are controlled by a Linux operating system; it should contain an Intel designed especially user-friendly operating interface. With a dual core processor to run the MIDs with Windwos XP and Windwos Vista.

As it is with the future of MIDs?

According to AnandChandrasekher, senior vice president of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group, his company for the introduction of the device class uses cheaper flat rates for the modern mobile phone technologies.


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